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We are proud and happy to welcome you!

Your energy, your desire and your enthusiasm, combined with our permanent help, our range of quality, patented products, and our concept. These are the keys that will help you lead a more fulfilling and prosperous life, by improving your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Natura4Ever ® brings out the best in you: your own ambition serving yourself!

The company

Our history

Natura4Ever ® results from the encounter of a manufacturer of wellness products, entrepreneurs and direct marketing sales specialists.

Together, they decided to create a company that would combine innovative wellness products with an original and successful concept from the direct marketing sector.

Natura4Ever® is a Relationship Marketing company founded by professionals combining more than 40 years of experience in this business. It is committed to offering truly effective, certified, recognized products at affordable and competitive prices.

Who are we?

Natura4Ever® is a company offering a simple, dynamic and highly profitable compensation plan. This plan is specifically designed to facilitate the loyalty of both customers and partners, ensuring real business stability to the members of its network.

Joining Natura4Ever® means you'll no longer be on your own, and you'll be able to rely on the successful experiences of others to bring out the best in yourself, while helping others do the same.

A range of natural products, a global opportunity, a powerful compensation system offer true development possibilities.

Our Team

Eric Masson

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ask Eric Masson why he chose to devote himself to Relationship Marketing, and without a moment of hesitation, he will answer: "You!", looking straight into your eyes.

Jean-Michel Larré

Executive Director General

A passionate entrepreneur who after obtaining his engineering degree worked for the largest companies in the French manufacturing sector.
He created a medical products distribution company, and also ...          

Jimmy Wan

Vice President for Europe

An engineer by training, he has worked in operations, marketing and innovation in the field of international development and research. In 2008, he successfully led the establishment in Europe...

The concept

A unique concept approved by a renowned scientific committee!

N4E integrates a Scientific Committee that participates in the design and validation of our products and collaborates to promote the concept of the 5 Pillars of Cellular Health.


By acting simultaneously and in perfect synergy - on a daily basis - on each of these pillars, the cells, and therefore the organs and the organism of everyone, will maintain a perfect physiological equilibrium.

Natura4Ever Products®

We are committed to offering truly effective, certified, recognized products at affordable and competitive prices.

NaturaBlue® Original

250 ml

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NaturaBlue® Exotic

250 ml

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NaturaBlue® Sport

250 ml

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NaturaGreen® Original

250 ml

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NaturaGold® Original

150 ml

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NaturaKrill® Original

60 capsules

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Phyalg® Lotion

100 ml

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Phyalg® Serum

30 ml

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Phyalg® Creme

50 ml

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Phyalg® Bath & Shower Oil

200 ml

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N4E Animals®


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Become a distributor

Why become an independent distributor?

There are many good reasons to become a Natura4Ever Independent Distributor®!

Here are the motives that are most often expressed by our partners when asked about this topic:

  • This allows me to acquire excellent natural well-being products at wholesale prices.
  • This allows me to create an income supplement through direct sales of products that I like.
  • I completely endorse the company's mission: to help users of the natural products promoted to "naturally live better".
  • I thus intend to create my business without taking any financial risk.
  • I am my own boss, without ever being alone, and without taking the risks induced by a traditional business creation.
  • This allows me to work in a field that I like, whenever I like, from home or from anywhere in the world!
  • The Natura4Ever "success system" is an added plus, which makes things easier, I feel supported.
  • The possibility of totally unlimited income has particularly caught my attention!

Which of these motives do you resonate with?

In short, start your own business with Natura4Ever, you can do it with less than 100 €. Whatever amount you want to invest, you can benefit from free training, you can work whenever you want, from home if you want to.

Your business comes with a Money back guarantee; (*): If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the results obtained during the first 364 days of your partnership with Natura4Ever, you may be reimbursed up to 90% of the value of your initial stock of demonstration products.

(*) See "Distribution Terms and Conditions" for more details.

Compensation plan

The Natura4Ever compensation plan has been designed to enable everyone to achieve their goals

  • Whether you simply want to self-finance your consumption of quality, natural products,
  • Get additional income via direct sales,
  • Create your own business via group animation,
  • or you simply aim at financial independence and unlimited revenues via network marketing,

Everything is possible according to your motive, involvement and dedication.

Thanks to the Natura4Ever® compensation plan, you have several income opportunities.

For more info, contact us!

Our difference

What if Natura4Ever was the solution you needed to:

  • Claim your life back!
  • Transform your professional career!
  • Secure your financial future!

In this rapidly changing world, it is important to recognize the trends that will make the world of tomorrow better. Natura4Ever's mission is part of a larger emerging trend that will grow in the coming decades:

The absolute conviction that "prevention is better than cure"!

Social insurance systems are in chronic deficit, while more and more consumers are getting second thoughts after all the health-related scandals revealed by the media. It is becoming increasingly clear to everyone that it is time to imagine alternate solutions to take care of ourselves, on a daily basis.

Skillful combinations between ancient natural solutions and new natural well-being technologies open up new horizons for consumers.

These clever combinations are combined in the EXCLUSIVE "PILLARS OF CELLULAR HEALTH" concept.

Yes, there are natural solutions that allow you to NATURALLY LIVE BETTER!

Our missions

Natura4Ever®: Naturally Live Better!

Natura4Ever's first mission is to select and distribute quality well-being products that gently stimulate the body's natural regenerative mechanisms.

To be selected and proposed to our independent partners, a product must imperatively meet very strict specifications:

  • Be composed of natural ingredients, or help stimulate a natural mechanism,
  • Be original or innovative,
  • Also be registered for commercialization in the areas officially open to distribution,
  • Be an excellent cost/reward ratio for the consumer.

Natura4Ever ®: Naturally Succeed, TOGETHER!

The second mission that Natura4Ever has set itself is to set up a real "university of success" by sharing its founders' half-century of experience in the field of Network Relational Marketing, with its distributors.

Success is always more accessible when you are shown the way!

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